Thursday, May 8, 2008

Meeting in Sweden

Hello, everybody...

We were in a ClimaSOS meeting in Sandviken, Sweden, with students and teachers from Portugal, Hungary, Italy, Spain and Cyprus (5 to 10th May). During our study visit and work meeting, we visited places of historical, cultural and environmental importance.

In the project meeting, we presented our schools and towns; and we evaluated the activities and mobilities for the first year of the project.

Teachers meeting and colaborative work

Opinion by Luisa Peluso e Roberta Bonalume (italian teachers)

Our journey to Sweden allowed us to experience first-hand what we had learnt about through our work on the net. We found it very interesting to see the different approaches each team adopted while working on common topics, as well as the various peculiarities of each country in terms of customs, history and school systems.It was exciting, and to a certain extent, illuminating, for us to plunge into a culture that is so different from ours, especially as far as environmental awareness is concerned. We will treasure our experience and we will do our best to pass it on to our young generations of students.